Guidelines for Submitting Pictures & Descriptions

  • First Picture should be of you and your project. Seller must be in show uniform (whites for independent exhibitors).
  • Next 4 pictures submitted should be overviews of your project. (2 Side Views, Front View, Rear View)
  • You can then submit up to 5 additional pictures of your choosing to be posted for a grand total of 10 pictures.
  • Sellers Comments:  Take this opportunity to go straight towards the bidders heart!  Tell them your story, tell them about your project and encourage them to bid on it! This is unique to the online auction – the bidder can learn your story unlike at a live auction.  Take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity! 
  • You may also submit a buyers letter to be posted as well.
  • If you wish to include a video of your project you must email the video to
  • View Example - Click Here
How to Fill Out Agreement


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