Auction Details:

Auction Dates: Online Auction will run May 16th - 21st.

  • Auction includes: Steers Hogs, Lambs, Goats, Rabbits & Welding Projects!
  • Limit to one entry per seller.
  • Open to all previous 2020 Silver Dollar Entries, including those who were on the wait list.
  • First lot of the auction will close at 1 PM.
  • BidCal will provide and online platform to conduct a livestock sale        
  • This will be a Terminal Sale.  All animals sold through this auction will be sent to a contracted processing plant for harvest.  There will be NO live animal pickup.      
  • Sale order was determined by random draw.       
  • All items/animals will have starting bids.  Rob Ramay will solely determine those starting bids.  
  • Donation Lots will be a part of this auction.  Interested parties will be able to donate even if they don’t want to purchase an animal.  
  • Commission will be the same as last year’s fair which is a 6% commission on all lots sold through this sale which will automatically be deducted from the seller’s proceeds.

Exhibitor Responsibilities:   

  • Continue to feed and care for your animals to get them market ready.
    • Your job is to raise the best livestock possible and to market your animals.
  • Provide BidCal with a signed Drug Residue form upon delivery of animal to the designated site. Details of this will be posted in the near future.
  • Writing buyer letters to market your project. It is up to the seller to market their own animal to achieve optimal results.
  • BidCal will be providing the seller the buyer’s information for the seller to send their buyer a thank you 

Ear Tags:

  • All animals must be pre tagged with the official sale ear tags prior to arrival at drop off point.  
  • Ear Tags are available to be picked up at the BidCal Office.  27 Freight Lane, Chico, CA.  
  • Only project leaders will be allowed to pick up ear tags.  

Drop Off:

  • BidCal will provide a location to gather & prep the livestock to go to the processing plants. 
  • Location: is Orland Livestock Commission Yard
  • Collection Days:
    • Hogs & Steers: Saturday, May 23rd (Time TBA)
    • Sheep & Goats: Sunday, May 24th (Time TBA)
    • Rabbits: Tuesday, May 26th @ BidCal Office (Time TBA)
  • Procedures for drop off of animals will be released closer to the sale.  
  • BidCal is coordinating with project leaders to drop off animals.  Sellers should be in contact with their project leaders to have their animal picked up.
  • Animals will be dropped off by designated volunteers who will remain in their vehicles
  • Drop off times will be scheduled 

Animal Requirements for the Sale:

  • Animals being gathered will undergo the following processes to be shipped to the processing facilities.  If an animal fails any of these requirements the sale will be null and void. 
    • Ear Tagged
    • Slap Tagged (Hogs)
    • EID Tagged (Sheep & Goats)
    • Brand Inspected (Cattle)
    • Weighed (Adhering to weight requirements)
    • Graded for market readiness
    • Health Inspected
    • Marked and Sorted According to their dispensation.·        
  • Animals must adhere to specific grooming guidelines
    • Lambs must be slick sheared, no more than 1/4" Wool
    • Goats must be body clipped
    • Pigs must have a minimum of 5/8 in hair on (do not slick)  
    • Steers must be free of dried mud on hide

Weight Requirements:    

  • Hogs – Minimum: 210 lbs – No Sifting Max 
  • Lambs – Minimum: 110 lbs – No Sifting Max 
  • Goats – Minimum: 60 lbs – No Sifting Max 
  • Steers – Minimum: 1000 lbs – No Sifting Max 
  • Rabbits – Minimum: 3 1/2 lbs – No Sifting Max

Drug Residue & Withdrawal periods:

  • Sellers are required to submit a completed Drug Residue Form for market animals when they are gathered to be weighed.
  • The animal will not be weighed until a Drug Residue Form has been submitted and any withdrawal periods have been met. 
  • If drug residue is found in an animal carcass during processing, the exhibitor may be held responsible for repayment to Auction Buyer and may be responsible for any additional costs. 

Drug Residue Form

Each animal must have the following drug residue forms filled out and turned in when the animal is dropped off at the collection site.  There are two pages to the form.  



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