Want to buy a 1/2?

Call or email us and we can coordinate with other buyers who only want to buy 1/2 of an animal instead of a whole. 
Call (530) 345-0840 or email office@bidcal.com

How to Register

  • Registration is available now and all the way through the auction.
  • Below is a video on how to register.
  • If you want your company's name to be visible while bidding.  Your username should be your company's name and you must uncheck that you want to hide your username.  See picture below video.

How the Auction Works

  • Lots are available to view anytime on the website.  Bidding will open on May 16th.
  • The auction is live for bidding May 16th - 21st.  
  • On the 21st the first lot is set to close at a 1 PM.  After that the lots are set to close in a stagger by lot order. 
  • This auction has a soft close, which means that within the last 2 minutes of the lot, if there continues to be bidding activity on that lot, the time of close will extend by 2 minutes until all bidding activity is done with that lot.  
  • Bids are being placed by the head,  what that means is if you place a bid for $1,000, it is for the whole animal, not $1,000 per pound.  
  • Bids will be fixed amounts (not traditional BidCal Max bidding)  What does this mean? If the bid is at $500 & you bid $1,000, the computer will automatically put you in at $1,000.
  • There is no buyer's premium on this auction. 
  • After you have won a lot you will receive an email Docusign document to indicate whether you want your lot to be a custom harvest or consigned to resale.  Those emails must be returned no later that 12 pm on Friday, May 22nd.  Otherwise the animal will be consigned to resale.  
  • Multiple Buyers: If you have multiple buyers you can indicate so on the emailed dispensation form or call the office to add buyers.
  • The animals will be collected on Saturday, May 23rd & Sunday, May 24th.  (Rabbits Collected on Tuesday, May 26th)
  • If an animal is rejected at the collection site the buyer will be notified immediately and the sale will be null and void.  


All animals must be designated "Resale" or "Custom  Process". No live animal pick-up of  auction animals allowed.



  • Invoices will be emailed to the buyer after the collection days on Monday, May 25th. 
  • Buyer's may pay their invoices by cash, check, credit card or wire transfer.
  • You can call us and pay with a credit card over the phone (Visa, Mastercard & Discover only)
  • You can mail us a check.  PO BOX 3009, Chico, CA 95927
  • You can stop by the office and make payment there. 

Add On's

  • If you don't want to buy a seller's animal but still wish to add on an amount to a seller's final price, you can pledge an add on.  

    Click Here to fill out the add on form or call the office at (530) 345-0840.

Resale & Custom

Custom Process & Return: 
BidCal has made arrangements for the animal to be sent to a federally inspected USDA processing facility for harvest.  After processing, the carcass will be delivered to your choice of one of these designated lockers:


Chico Locker & Sausage  - 343-7370
Orland Meat Processors  - 865-7383
Wagon Wheel Market - 589-1824

You must make arrangements with the locker for cut & wrap  instructions & pay the locker directly for those charges.

Processing charges billed by BidCal:
Beef - $220
Hogs - $55
Lambs - $44
Goats - $47
Rabbits - $15 per pen

Rabbits are processed at The Rabbit Barn, Turlock, CA  and returned to the BidCal Office for you to pick up.


The animal is consigned back to BidCal for Resale. The buyer pays the difference between bid & resale  price and receives no meat in this disposition.

  • Example: Hog weighs 250 lbs., Resale price (market rate) = $.80  ($200), bid = $1000; difference= $800 (your share). 
  • This may be done for any specie. Resale prices will be posted on Saturday, May 16th.
Resale Prices 
Resale amounts are calculated by the weight of the animal.  Resale value is capped at certain weights for each species. 
Example: If you purchase a Lamb and it weights 160 lbs, you will only receive a resale price credit for up to 150 lbs.

Resale Prices:
Beef - $1.02/lb              (Resale pay up to 1,300 lbs)
Hogs - $.22/lb               (Resale pay up to 300 lbs)
Lambs - $.80/lb             (Resale pay up to 150 lbs)
Goats - $2.70/lb            (Resale pay up to 105 lbs)
Rabbits - $1.85/lb


Custom Cut & Wrap Processing

Once you have designated "Processing" or "Resale", your decision is final.
Cut & Wrap Prices will be billed by the Locker.
Chico Locker & Sausage - 196 E 14th Street, Chico CA 95928
(530) 343-7370
Steers - $1.25/lb
Hogs - $1.25/lb (Curing is an additional $1.10/lb)
Lambs - $1.25 ($60 minimum) (Ground is an additional $.10/lb)
Goats - $1.25 ($60 minimum) (Ground is an additional $.10/lb)

Orland Meat Processors - 308 Walker Street, Orland, CA 95963
(530) 865-7383
Steers - $1.20/lb
Hogs - $1.20/lb ($.95/lb for hams & bacon)
Lambs - $1.20 ($75 minimum) 
Goats - $1.20 ($75 minimum) 

Wagon Wheel Market - 4607 Olive Hwy, Oroville, CA 95966
(530) 589-1824
Steers - 
Hogs - 
Lambs - 
Goats - 
  • Note from all Lockers: Additional fees may be charged by lockers for smoking, curing, custom sausages or splitting of animals for multiple buyers. Check with lockers for additional fees and information.

Rabbit Meat Pen Processor: The Rabbit Barn, Turlock, CA. When a buyer purchases a Rabbit Meat Pen & chooses custom processing, the buyer agrees to receive 3 rabbits that were shown at the Silver Dollar Fair, judged market acceptable/market ready & sold at the Jr. Livestock Auction . The fair does not guarantee the buyer will receive the specific 3 animals purchased.

Historical Averages

One of the complications we faced this year was the inability to weigh the animals prior to the sale.  Therefore, the animals will be sold by the head not by the pound.  What that means is if you place a bid for $1,000, it is for the whole animal, not $1,000 per pound.
To help better understand what that looks like as a buyer, we have calculated the average price per head from the previous two Silver Dollar Fair Jr. Livestock Auctions.  The information is listed below as free information and possibly bidding guidance for this year.
2019 Junior Livestock Auction averages (average includes champions)
Steers:                                  $9,151.13
Lambs:                                  $2,341.93
Goats:                                   $1,672.09
Hogs:                                    $2,453.86
Rabbit Meat Pens:                   $824.32
2018 Junior Livestock Auction averages (average includes champion)
Steers:                                  $8,702.67
Lambs:                                  $2,061.33
Goats:                                   $1,133.46
Hogs:                                    $2,108.37
Rabbit Meat Pens:                   $772.97
Thank you for your support and as always, please call with questions or to get help.  We have 8 people in the office, all 6’ apart, and eager to take your call!


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