Welcome to the 2021 Dixon May Fair Jr Livestock Auction

In Memory of Joe Gates
It's all for the kids!
A livestock project is one of the most valuable tools for teaching responsibility to any youth in society today. 
The Junior Livestock Auction provides the opportunity for a return on the exhibitor's investment. Your support of this online auction and the youth allows these programs to exist and recognizes these youth for a job well done. We welcome your participation as a buyer at the 2021 Dixon May Fair.
The 2021 Dixon May Fair Junior Livestock Auction is dedicated in memory of our beloved long time auctioneer Joe Gates.  Joe was a huge supporter and advocate of the youth in agriculture and the Dixon May Fair.  

How to Register

  • In order to bid and purchase a lot in the sale, you must register as a buyer.
  • Registration is available now and all the way through the auction.
  • Below is a video on how to register.
  • If you want your company’s name to be visible while bidding.  Your username should be your company’s name and you must uncheck that you want to hide your username.  See picture below video.
  • Any questions about the registration process please call the Bidcal Office at 530-345-0840.

How the Online Auction Works

  • The auction is live for bidding May 7th & May 8th.
  • The online auction is hosted by BidCal, Inc of Chico, CA. Registration and details are available at www.bidcal.com
  • The auction will take bids beginning Friday, May 7th at 12 Noon. Lots will be available to view prior to this date at www.bidcal.com.
  • On Saturday, May 8th the sale will end beginning at 1:30pm. 
  • All animals have a starting minimum price. The starting price represents the bare minimum for each lot. Our goal is to raise much more than the bare minimum amount for each exhibitor, as they have much more invested than the bare minimum price.
  • If you are out bid, you will receive a email to tell you that you have been out bid on that lot. If you have the BidCal Mobile App you will receive a notification on your phone that you have been out bid.  You may bid again at your desire.  
  • Bids are being placed by the head.  What that means is that if you place a bid for $1,000, it is for the whole animal, not $1,000 per pound.
  • Bids will be fixed amounts (not traditional BidCal Max bidding).  What does this mean?  If the bid is at $500 & you bid $1,000, the computer will automatically put you in at $1,000.
  • This auction has a soft close, which means that within the last 2 minutes of the lot, if there continues to be bidding activity on that lot, the time of close will extend by 2 minutes until all bidding activity is done with that lot.
  • There is no buyer’s premium on this auction.
  • Upon being the winning bidder of a sale lot you will receive an email Docusign document to indicate whether you want your lot to be custom harvest or consigned to resale.  Those emails must be returned no later than 5 pm on Saturday, May 8th.  Otherwise the animal will be consigned to resale.
  • Multiple Buyers:  If you have multiple buyers you can indicate so on the emailed dispensation form or call the fair office to add buyers to the invoice prior to it being processed and sent out
  • Payment is due the day of the sale and can be paid over the phone with a credit card by calling the fair office at 707-678-5529. Checks and or cash will be accepted in the fair office on the days of the sale. If you prefer to mail a check please mail to: P.O. Box 459, Dixon, CA 95620

Mininum Starting Bids:
Steers: $2500
Lambs: $700
Goats: $500
Hogs: $800

What are your options as a buyer?

  • The winning bidder of each lot will have the choice of (1) CUSTOM PROCESSED or (2) RESELLING THE ANIMAL. Details of each option are as follows:
  • The animal will be processed, inspected and delivered to one of the butcher shops in the area. You will need to indicate your preference of butcher shops and make arrangements with them for cutting instructions. Any animal that is left over 60 days at a butcher shop may be disposed of at the discretion of that shop. If you purchase a custom processed animal, an additional processing fee applies and will be reflected on your invoice from the fair. You are also responsible for the cut and wrap fee to be paid to the butcher shop when you pick the animal up. 


  • Animals that are bought by individuals who do not desire the meat will be resold at market price to the packer for a set per pound price and that amount is then subtracted from the buyer's bill by the fair. 
Example: Steer weighs 1250lbs. Resale Price is $.80/lb. which equals $1,000
Your Winning Bid Price is $4,000;
The difference is $3,000, which is the amount that you will be responsible for paying.
  • Resale Prices: The resale amounts are calculated by the weight of the animal. The official certified weight will be listed on each lot.

How to Add-On Support to the Exhibitors

If you don’t want to buy an animal, but still wish to support all of the exhibitors or an individual exhibitor you have the following options:

ONLINE ADD-ON Procedure:
  • Online Add-on Support will be available through bidcal.com until May 8th
  • You can add-on to an individual exhibitor through the online auction while the sale is taking place by looking up that individual’s lot and clicking on the link in their bio
  • You can purchase a general support add-on that will be equally applied among each specie to all exhibitors in the sale.

Custom Cut & Wrap Fees & Options

Custom Harvesting Fees: These fees will be added to your invoice.

Beef: $220     Sheep: $61     Swine: $45     Goats: $64
Browns Valley Market               3263 Browns Valley Road, Napa, CA  94558
Contact:  Jerry Gevanoni           (707) 253-2480
Beef - $ 1.10 per pound cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal)
Goat - $ 99.00 flat fee cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal)
Lamb - $110.00 flat fee cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal)
Swine -$325.00 flat fee cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal) Includes smoking and bulk sausage
Gates Ranch Meat Co.         7351 English Hills Road, Vacaville, CA  95687
Contact: Richard Diaz          (530) 902-7516
Beef - $ 1.05  per pound cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal)
Goat - $ 85.00 flat fee cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal)
Lamb - $ 90.00 flat fee cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal)
Swine - $325.00 flat fee cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal) Includes smoking and bulk sausage, no additional charges
Kountry Meats               9631 Sandage Avenue, Elk Grove, CA  95624
Contact:  January or Thomas             (916) 685-5431
Prompt Pick-Up Discount – There will be a discount of cut/wrap fees for all animals that are picked-up within 7 days of notice from Kountry Meats.
Five percent boxing/disposal fee added to all processing. Waived with cash payments
Freezer fee added (waived with 7day PU)

Beef  - $ 1.42 per pound cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal)    + $100. Each additional
Swine - $285.00 flat fee cut/wrap (Vacuum Seal)      +$50.00 each additional
              $1.50 per pound additional charge for smoking/curing
              $1.75 additional per pound for seasoned bulk sausage

Buyer Informational Examples:

You will receive approximately the following amount of meat cut, well trimmed, and ready for your freezer.

* 130 Steaks, 150 pounds of Ground Beef, 16 Roasts, Stew Meat, Ribs, and Brisket
(Hides and Offal not included)
For your enjoyment at a cost of approximately:
* 1100 lbs. live weight at $2.25 per pound = $2,475.00
*Process charge = $ 220.00
*Cut & Wrap Fee** = $ I,045.00
Total: $3,740.00

*50-60 chops, 4 Roasts, Ribs, 25 lbs. Sausage, 2 Hams & 2 Bacons (Hides and Offal not included)
For your enjoyment at a cost of approximately:
*2401bs. live weight at $3.50 per pound = $840.00
*Process charge = $45.00
*Cut & Wrap Fee** = $280.00
Total: $1,165.00

Goats & Sheep
*50 chops, 2 Leg Roasts, Ribs, 4 Shanks, & Stew
(Hides and Offal not included)
For your enjoyment at a cost of approximately:
* 140 lbs. live weight at $6.00 per pound = $840.00
*Process charge = $64.00
*Cut & Wrap Fee** = $90.00
Total: $994.00

* Approximate yield, prices are examples only and do not represent current market prices.
** Payment to butcher shops when you pick up meat; based on carcass weight or flat fee.

Resale Market Prices

Resale Prices: 
Steers: $1.05    Sheep: $1.75    Swine: $0.85     Goats: $3.30

Terms of Sale

  • Livestock sold in this auction has been entered in the appropriate class and exhibited by the owner in the 2021 Dixon May Fair Grading Event.
  • Beef & Swine weigh in was held Wednesday, May 5, 2021. Sheep & Goat Weigh-in was held on Thursday, May 6, 2021, on the Dixon Fairgrounds and animals are sold by the lot and the resale is determined by the weights.
  • The Dixon May Fair Junior Livestock Auction is a terminal sale, for all Beef, Sheep, Swine & Goats. This means there is no live animal pick­ up on those species listed above there is only resale and custom processing. Definitions: Resale: the animal is sold to the packer for a set per pound price and that amount is then subtracted from the buyer's bill by the fair. Custom: the animal is processed and returned to a cut and wrap facility where the buyer will pay to have it cut and wrapped and then pick up the meat. (The buyer is re­sponsible for additional fees for this service - see sale order).
  • Only the following species of "Market Ready" large animals will be allowed to sell: Beef, Sheep, Swine & Goats.
  • Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder without reserve. All sales are final at the at the close of the online sale. The online auction provider will settle any dispute concerning bids by declaring all bids off and reselling the animal in question.
  • The FAIR ASSOCIATION has the sole right to interpret the rules and make emergency judg­ments.
  • Animal disposition must be stated at the time of signing the disposition slip. Otherwise, beef, sheep, swine and goats will automatically be marked "resale".
  • Beef, Sheep, Swine and Goats sold at the Junior Livestock Auction will be sent to designated federally inspected processing facilities. There will be NO "Will Take Live" on beef, sheep, goats and swine

  • Fair Staff will be acting as cashier for the sale and will be set-up to accept your payment during and following the sale. Payment on auction day will expedite payment to the seller.
  • Payment is due the day of the sale and can be paid over the phone with a credit card by calling the fair office at 707-678-5529. Checks and or cash will be accepted in the fair office on the days of the sale. If you have made advanced arrangements, please mail your check to: P.O. Box 459, Dixon, CA 95620
Call the Fair Office: 707-678-5529
Mailing Address:
PO BOX 459
Dixon, CA 95620

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